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Be a Web Developer Not a Plugin Installer Masthead

Be a Web Developer. Not a Plugin Installer

Web Developers take their CMS, plugins, and themes for granted. This post reminds us that web development means writing code, not installing someone else's.
How to Create a WordPress Theme Thumbnail Image

How to Create a WordPress Theme Thumbnail Image

Do you make WordPress themes? Learn how to create a wordpress theme thumbnail image from scratch, or start from our free downloadable templates!
This image shows a WHOIS report of my domain, along with registration and expiration dates that may or may not affect search engine ranking.

Does Domain Expiration Affect Search Engine Ranking?

Some SEO's have claimed for years that the length of time for…
When you're totally stuck on a programming problem, sometimes the best course of action is to quit.

Stuck on a Programming Problem? Just Quit.

Wants some words of advice on how to overcome a difficult programming problem? Just quit! Returning to a problem with a fresh mind makes all the difference.

WordPress Limits The Number of Items on a Menu

I just ran into a problem on a client site: I went to add two…

How to Add a Business to CitySearch

I'm in the process of doing some link-building for my business,…
.htaccess rewrite rules that impacted the search feature on my WordPress site.

IThemes Security Plugin and Dangerous Search Queries

I'm a huge fan of iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security).…

On the Recent WordPress Security Updates

In the last two months we've seen a number of WordPress security…

Why Inline Styles Suck

I get it: sometimes project scope, cost, and time limitations…