Google's Recent Policy Change

You will now need to have a Google Cloud Platform account in order to use Google Maps on your website. In the past, you were able to have an account with no billing information and credit card, even if you never performed tasks resulting in charges. Using the Google Maps API feature now requires you to have a unique key and account so usage can be tracked. This is meant to create a “pay-as-you-go” platform. 

The only way you will be billed on your credit card is if your Google Map totals enough requests to produce a charge, and therefore you will be automatically billed at the end of the month.

Reich Web Consulting is giving you two options: You can put your own credit card on file with Google, meaning you will automatically be billed for your usage if it totals enough requests. The second option is to stay on Reich Web Consulting’s account that we will bill (with a 10% surcharge), when you are invoiced for hosting.

*For most websites, you will never see a charge, and if you do, it will be very little. This is considered a “technicality” that we’d like to meet and solve to keep your website up and running smoothly like always. 

For your own references, we’ve attached a link below to the Google Maps pricing page: