A theme is a related series of files that modify the look and feel of a website. Reich Web Consulting can provide a variety of WordPress theme services from modification of existing themes to fully customized themes built from the ground-up.


How to Create a WordPress Theme Thumbnail Image

How to Create a WordPress Theme Thumbnail Image

When you’re building a new WordPress theme, it’s always helpful to create a custom theme thumbnail image (or theme screenshot, if you prefer).  A theme’s thumbnail image is used to display a tiny screenshot of the theme in the WordPress Dashboard so a user can see what the theme looks like before they activate it.

How to Create a WordPress Theme Thumbnail Image

Creating the thumbnail is easy: create a PNG image that’s 880 pixels wide x 660 pixels tall that shows a screenshot of your theme in action. Save that image as screenshot.png in your theme’s directory, and it will show up in the WordPress Dashboard.

I’ve taken the guesswork out of the process by providing a template you can start from. Just open the PSD or PNG image provided and paste in  your screen shot.  Resize and position the screenshot within the template, and save as screenshot.png.

[button link=”https://www.reich-consulting.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/wordpress_theme_thumbnail_template.zip” color=”blue” align=”center” target=”_self” size=”large”]Download WordPress Theme Thumbnail Template[/button]

Creating a Child Theme in WordPress

A couple of days ago I updated Lightword, the theme that I’ve been using on this blog for quite a while now. Unfortunately when I did the update I lost all of my customizations, including my logo and Adsense code.  So I went looking for a solution.

Little did I know, WordPress has supported a feature called “child themes” for some time now.  The idea is that you create a new theme, which is as simple as creating a new directory with a single CSS file called style.css, and add a comment to the new CSS file specifying the name of the parent theme.  You can read all about how to create a child theme here.