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Choosing a WordPress Backup Plugin

This article provides a list of 4 core features you should look for in a WordPress backup plugin and recommends two plugins to try out.
A WordPress Update is Available

Why You Should Wait Before Updating WordPress

Have you ever heard people who upgrade to the latest version of Windows complain about the experience? WordPress isn't so different. When you update WordPress you can run into incompatibilities in plug-ins, themes, and even your own customizations. WordPress updates are usually trouble-free and will only break very complex or poorly maintained sites. I recommend you wait before updating WordPress.

What To Do When Wpautop Attacks Your Markup

There are fewer things more annoying about the WordPress platform…

Bulk HTML Validation

I've recently been working on a WordPress project in which I…

Subnet Calculator in 9 Lines of PHP

I've been spending a lot of time studying for my Microsoft 70-642…

How I Got Banned From Reddit

Important: I'm not posting this to complain about how I got banned…

JavaScript Errors in Internet Explorer? It's Probably a Comma's Fault

If you're testing JavaScript code that seems to work in Firefox, Chrome, or Safari but not in Internet Explorer, a stray comma is probably to blame. This article explains why the problem occurs and offers some tips on how to avoid it.

Removing Keys from an Array in PHP

Every wish PHP had a function like array_remove_keys() to delete one or more keys and their values from an array? This post shows you how to construct one using just a couple of lines of code.

What is HTML?

Most people have heard the term HTML and have a general idea…