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Google SEO Starter Guide 2017

Loading Web Fonts Without Performance Penalty From Lighthouse

Learn how to incorporate Google Fonts into your website withing getting a performance penalty from Google Lighthouse Performance audits.

Small Rental Agencies: Don't Bother with a Zillow Feed

If you're a rental agent with fewer than 200 units, don't bother building a Zillow Listing Feed. Read the article to learn why.
Google SEO Starter Guide 2017

Alphabetical Post Navigation in WordPress

This short WordPress tutorial teaches you how to build a WordPress template with alphabetical navigation, like a table of contents or glossary.
Google SEO Starter Guide 2017

Where Did Our Tech Support Content Go?

Reich Web Consulting's tech support content is moving to Medium. We want to focus on the web but these articles to remain available off-site.

Your WordPress Hosting Is Upgrading to PHP 7.2

Are you a Reich Web Consulting WordPress Hosting customer? We…
Google SEO Starter Guide 2017

Tips for UPS API Integration

I do a lot of shipping integrations for my manufacturing automation…

In the Wake of #DeleteFacebook, It’s Time to Rethink The Free Internet Economy

In the wake of what the media has misrepresented as the "Facebook…
Google SEO Starter Guide 2017

Install the PHP SQLSRV Driver on Linux

Thia article will help you install the PHP SQLSRV driver on Linux, and provides answers to issues I ran into during installation.
Google SEO Starter Guide 2017

SEO Starter Guide 2017

Are you a business owner trying to DIY your SEO? Google's 2017 SEO Starter Guide is a great place to start. And when you get stuck, call us!