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Installing WordPress

This video demonstration shows you how to install WordPress. I perform a demo installation using Windows 7, Firefox and Filezilla FTP client. My website is hosted on CPanel which is used to create the database.

Why You Should Wait Before Updating WordPress

Have you ever heard people who upgrade to the latest version of Windows complain about the experience? WordPress isn’t so different. When you update WordPress you can run into incompatibilities in plug-ins, themes, and even your own customizations. WordPress updates are usually trouble-free and will only break very complex or poorly maintained sites. I recommend you wait before updating WordPress.

What To Do When Wpautop Attacks Your Markup

There are fewer things more annoying about the WordPress platform than watching your carefully-crafted markup go straight to Hell.  If you’ve used WordPress for more than 10 minutes you probably know what I’m talking about. The primary culprit is a filter called wpautop that automatically applies to post and page content. The wpautop filter converts […]

Bulk HTML Validation

I’ve recently been working on a WordPress project in which I made the mistake of starting with a commercial theme that, while beautiful and feature-rich, was a complete mess in terms of code quality. HTML validation is always a requirement on my projects, but a poorly-written WordPress theme combined with WordPress’ own tendency to butcher […]