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On the Recent WordPress Security Updates

In the last two months we’ve seen a number of WordPress security updates.  April 21 brought us WordPress 4.1.2 which fixed 4 security issues. A wide-spread vulnerability in numerous WordPress plugins was simultaneously announced and was followed by a rash of plug-in updates by vendors including Yoast. A week later WordPress 4.2.1  was released with a patch to a cross-site scripting […]

Why Inline Styles Suck

I get it: sometimes project scope, cost, and time limitations get in the way of doing the right thing.  That’s why professionals who damn-well know better take shortcuts like using inline styles. These tactics rarely save time in the long-term. This article explains why and suggests some long-term solutions to the problem of inline styles. What Is […]

Windows 8 Tutorials

Well I finally installed Windows 8 because, well… somebody has to, right? Truth be told I was hesitant.  I’m normally not one to buck changes but when I saw what Microsoft did to the UI I felt concerned about what was going to happen to my work flow. To put it another way: WHERE THE HELL […]

Creating a WordPress Plugin, Part 1: Naming Your Plug-in

[amazon_enhanced asin=”0470916222″ /] The first and arguably most important step in creating a WordPress Plugin is choosing a name for it. If you plan to share your plug-in with others it should obviously be catchy, but more importantly it should also be unique for two very good reasons explained below. Make Your Plugin Stand Out WordPress […]

WordPress Pages and the WordPress Page Editor

In my last article I talked about WordPress Posts, one of the two primary content types in WordPress. In this article I’d like to talk about WordPress pages. What’s a WordPress Page? WordPress Pages are your blog’s primary content.  That’s not to say that they’re more important than your blog posts, but rather that they support your […]