Windows 8 is the version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system that proceeded Windows 7. Windows 8 was not well received, and years later the newest version, Windows 10, is being offered as a free upgrade to all Windows 8 customers.

Windows 8 Tutorials

Well I finally installed Windows 8 because, well… somebody has to, right?

Truth be told I was hesitant.  I’m normally not one to buck changes but when I saw what Microsoft did to the UI I felt concerned about what was going to happen to my work flow. To put it another way: WHERE THE HELL IS MY START BUTTON, MR. BALLMER?

Unfortunately we’ve gotten our first handful of Windows 8 devices at work and, since I’m responsible for desktop support, I pretty much have to learn it.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for you, I’m taking all of you along for the ride.  Watch me screw up so you don’t have to!


Tutorial 1: Activating Windows 8