Tips for UPS API Integration

I do a lot of shipping integrations for my manufacturing automation customers, and for my customer’s customers. While we always document these tips internally, I thought it would be useful to catalog and share them. Below are some helpful tips we’ve compiled for UPS API integration.

TIP #1: Customer Account Numbers Use the Number Zero, Not the Letter O

Customer account numbers are a series of six letters and digits.  If you have a UPS customer account that contains something circular, it’s always the number zero (“0”) and not the letter “O.” This tip comes directly from UPS API support.

TIP #2: UPS Mail Innovations Doesn’t Support Third Party Billing

UPS Mail Innovations is a unique shipping method that utilizes the local postal service to complete the final leg of your shipment. Unlike other shipping methods, it does not support third-party billing. That is, you cannot use one account to ship the package and bill the package to another UPS account using the BillThirdParty payment option. Mail Innovations shipments must be generated using the BillShipper option. That leads us to our next tip.

TIP #3: BillShipper Requires that you Add the Shipper Account as a Payment Option

To use the BillShipper payment option, you must add the account you’re billing for the shipment as a payment option in the UPS account being used to access the API.  You can do this by logging into the account on and selecting Payment Options. You’ll need a few pieces of information, including:

  • UPS Account Number
  • Default pick up Zip code
  • Invoice # from most recent account invoice
  • Date of most recent account invoice
  • Payment due amount from the last invoice
  • Control ID of the last invoice


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