XP is a version of Microsoft Windows that preceeded Windows Vista and remained popular until well into the release of Windows 7. Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft.


Fix “Error Loading Operating System” Bug When Deploying Windows XP with Windows Deployment Toolkit

This problem is related to the previous article I wrote about loading text-mode drivers into a Windows XP installation source added to a Windows Deployment Toolkit (formerly called BDD) distribution share.  Because of an incompatibility between Windows XP and the way that Windows PE formats the hard drive by default, many users will find that, after the PE portion of the installation completes, the operating system will fail to load off the hard drive. Johan Arwidmark over at deployvista.com has written a fantastic tutorial with a simple solution to the problem, which can be overcome without changing anything on the target PC.

How To Inject Text-Mode Drivers into a Lite-Touch Windows XP Installation

I’m sure someone else has run into this problem: while using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (formerly known as Business Deployment Desktop) to deploy Windows XP, everything seems to be working just fine until Windows PE finishes it’s portion of the setup wherein it copies the Windows XP setup files to your hard drive; then when the XP text-mode setup begins, it fails to recognize the drive. This most commonly occurs on systems with SATA drives or a RAID configuration. The solution is to load the text-mode drivers for the device as you would during an individual install of the operating system. You might be thrown off by the fact that the text-mode setup started by the Deployment Toolkit never prompts for additional drivers. How do you get around this? Integrate the drivers directly into your operating system source using a tool called nLite.

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Video: Find Your Network Settings in Windows XP

This video is a visual guide through my previous tutorial about locating your network settings in Windows XP. It also happens to be my first attempt at creating a video on my PC. The video discusses some of the reasons you might need to find your network settings, then guides you through each click in the process of finding your network configuration.
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Find Your Network Settings in Windows XP

Eventually while using your computer a situation will arise when you may need to know a little information about your network connection. You may need this information for a tech support call, to configure a networked video game system, or to add a new PC to your home network. This article will explain how to determine view your network configuration on a PC running Windows XP.

[Update: I’ve created a video to visually guide you through this tutorial. It will show you the actual click-by-click process of locating your Windows XP network configuration.] Read more

Configuring Windows Automatic Updates

In a previous post I talked about the importance of keeping your software current by installing patches and updates. Microsoft, in an effort to make this process as painless as possible, has made updating an integrated part of their operating systems. This article will explain how to turn on automatic updating in Windows XP and Vista and discuss best practices about it’s configuration. Read more