Microsoft is the software company that sells Windows, Microsoft Office, and other popular applications. They’ve also branched out successfully into hardware with the Windows Phones, the Microsoft Surface, and the XBox.


Offline Updates for Microsoft Security Essentials

When someone bring me a computer and asks me to remove viruses and malware, the last thing I want to do is connect that computer to my network. This is a bit of a catch 22, since you need to be connected to the Internet to download antivirus software and updates. Luckily Microsoft provides an offline update file for Security Essentials that you can download from one computer and install on another.

Microsoft Security Essentials Definition Updates (x86)
Microsoft Security Essentials Definition Updates (x64)

The Power of the Application Compatibility Toolkit

I never quite understood the power of the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) until I watched this video.  It shows how simple it is to create and apply popular program shims in order to make old applications compatible with newer version of Windows. Enjoy!

Commonly-used Application Shims Video

How To Inject Text-Mode Drivers into a Lite-Touch Windows XP Installation

I’m sure someone else has run into this problem: while using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (formerly known as Business Deployment Desktop) to deploy Windows XP, everything seems to be working just fine until Windows PE finishes it’s portion of the setup wherein it copies the Windows XP setup files to your hard drive; then when the XP text-mode setup begins, it fails to recognize the drive. This most commonly occurs on systems with SATA drives or a RAID configuration. The solution is to load the text-mode drivers for the device as you would during an individual install of the operating system. You might be thrown off by the fact that the text-mode setup started by the Deployment Toolkit never prompts for additional drivers. How do you get around this? Integrate the drivers directly into your operating system source using a tool called nLite.

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