IP stands for Internet Protocol. IP along with TCP are two of the fundamental communications protocols on which the Internet is based.


The World Wide Web

Since I was first exposed to the Internet back in 1995, people have erroneously had a tendency to use the terms Internet and World Wide Web interchangeably. It may take the mind of a true geek to really care about the difference, but the World Wide Web is actually only a small fraction of the Internet.

This article is the first in a series meant to supplement the web design course that I’m currently teaching at SUN Area Career & Technology Center. I will define the Internet and the World Wide Web, talk briefly about their history, and discuss a few of the web’s defining features.

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Find Your Network Settings in Windows XP

Eventually while using your computer a situation will arise when you may need to know a little information about your network connection. You may need this information for a tech support call, to configure a networked video game system, or to add a new PC to your home network. This article will explain how to determine view your network configuration on a PC running Windows XP.

[Update: I’ve created a video to visually guide you through this tutorial. It will show you the actual click-by-click process of locating your Windows XP network configuration.] Read more