DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) is a Microsoft command-line tool that allows you to service a Windows installation or Windows image. It allows you to perform such tasks as inject drivers, updates, and Windows features.


Merge WSUS Updates Into a WIM Image Using PowerShell 3.0

# The path to the WIM Image file $imagePath = "C:\\users\\administrator\\desktop\\windows7.wim" # The path to the root of your WSUS Content $wsusContent = "C:\\WSUS\WsusContent" # The index in the WIM file to the OS image you want to mount. $imageIndex = 1 # The directory where you want to mount the WIM Image $mountPath = "C:\\Mount" # Mount the WIM Image to the mount point specified, Mount-WindowsImage -ImagePath $imagePath -Index $imageIndex -Path $mountPath -Optimize # Get a list of all subdirectories under WsusContent $paths = Get-ChildItem $wsusContent -Directory # Iterate through each WsusContent subdirectory and attempt to add all # Windows Packages found there. foreach( $item in $paths ) { Add-WindowsPackage -Path $mountPath -PackagePath $wsusContent\$item -IgnoreCheck } # Save and dismount the Windows image. Dismount-WindowsImage -Path $mountPath -Save