Defragmentation (or “defragging”) is a process that can be run from Windows to optimize your hardware drive. As your computer creates, deletes, and changes files, chunks of those files may get stored in different places. When the computer needs to read those files it then needs to do more work to retrieve them. By running a defragmentation program you will ensure that your files are stored in an optimized fashion to speed up using them in the future.


Defragmenting Your Hard Drive on Windows 7

This video I made tonight will teach you how to defragment your hard drives on Windows 7.  This is the first video in a new series I am creating for an upcoming Basic PC Maintenance Course.

Defragmenting on Windows XP

In my last two articles about fragmentation I explained what fragmentation is and how fragmentation occurs. But how to you fix it? In this article I will explain how to run the Disk Defragmenter program in Windows XP, which analyzes your hard drive and repairs fragmented files. To simplify matters, I have also included a video which I’ve recorded of me running through the steps I describe on my own computer. Read more

How Does Fragmentation Occur?

In my previous article I explained what the term fragmentation means.  But how does it happen? Fragmentation occurs when your computer saves parts of a file to multiple locations on your hard drive. Read more

What is Fragmentation?

Fragmentation is  one of the primary ailments that infects a slow computer.  You might have heard the word before. Someone might have even taught you how to fix it.  But most of us don’t know what fragmentation is, how it occurs, and–unlike a virus or spyware–why we’re stuck living with fragmentation in our lives.  Without getting into too many technical details, let me explain what fragmentation is. Read more

Crash Course: Home PC Maintenance

Starting this spring I will be teaching a four-hour crash course on home PC maintenace at SUN Area Career & Technology Center. Because of the length of the course and the unavailability of a good, no-nonsense text on the subject, I’ll be creating the course materials myself and making them available for free online.

The main goal of this course is to teach home PC maintainence from a proactive perspective.  Users will learn safe computer use habits and how to utilize the tools they already have at their disposal to keep their computers running eficiently including defragmentation, firewalls, antivirus, and spyware scanners.

To sign up, please visit SUN Tech’s Adult Ed Schedule. Check back for free course materials, and we’ll see you in the spring!