What Ever Happened to Recovery Disks?

Dear PC and Laptop Manufacturers?

What ever happened to including a bundle of recovery disks along with your systems?  In the event of a meltdown they were pretty darned handy.  Today most of you sell your systems with a recovery partition right on the hard drive.  My only thoughts as to why you’ve made this change is either to save money producing recovery disks, or to save your end users from inevitably misplacing them.

Of course when your hard drive dies (which in my experience will happen eventually), you have no way to resuscitate your computer. Most of you actually have the gall to charge us to send a hard copy of the software that we already bought and paid for, which in turn pushes me to downloading pirated version of the software and then entering the user’s code to bring it into legitimacy.  I’m a professional. I don’t like using these means to solve a client’s crisis, but sometimes its the only way.

Please, start providing recovery disks again.  At least when we can’t find them it’s no one’s fault but our own.

Brian Reich