USB to SATA Adapter

USB to SATA Adapter: The Unsung IT Hero

There are only two three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and computer crashes. Even if you’re a computer necromancer like me. (That’s what my pal Jon calls me anyway.) We trust our lives to metal boxes filled with low-cost components that are doomed to failure by cheap manufacturing processes, planned obsolescence, and regular ware-and-tare.

So not to be a all emo about it, but: like the sun, your dog, and everyone you love, your computer is going to die some day and the sooner you accept it the sooner you can deal with that knowledge practically.

Chin up kid, there’s hope.

The Nihilist Geek Squad. They won't fix your computer, because its existance was pointless to begin with. Also, they didn't have a USB to SATA Adapter, so there's that.

The Nihilist Geek Squad. They won’t fix your computer, because its existance was pointless to begin with. Also, they didn’t have a USB to SATA Adapter, so there’s that.

Recovering Your Data with a USB to SATA Adapter

Think about it this way: the only part of your computer that is truly irreplaceable is the stuff you store on it. In these days of cheap hardware you’re more likely to replace a broken computers than fix it.  The problem is, you need to get all of that data from the old computer to the new one.

Assuming the hard drive is not the broken part, a USB to SATA adapter makes it easy.  Remove the hard drive from the broken computer, and connect it to the new computer using the USB to SATA adapter.  The new computer will recognize the drive and allow you to access just like your C: drive. Usually the first time you try to copy files it will need to reset permissions, but after that you can copy and paste your files from the old drive to the new computer.

An adapter essentially turns any internal SATA drive into an external USB hard drive. I use them constantly to recover data, as well as to wipe drives of computers that won’t boot, but still contain HIPPA-protected or other sensitive data that need securely erased before disposal.