Use a Different Password for Insecure Websites

We all do it: we have a single username and password that we use for our every account we have on the Internet. The only problem is, all websites are not created equal. When you log into your bank the connection is probably encrypted, whereas the connection to a gaming site, blog or forum probably isn’t.

The Problem

No big deal, right? Wrong! Hackers can easily sniff unencrypted passwords out of Internet traffic. You may think that if a hacker steals your username and password for a forum or chat site it’s trivial, but if that password is identical or similar to the one you use to log in to your online banking, that’s can be a problem!

What if a hacker steals your email account? Again, you may not consider that a big deal. But all most services require to change your password is your email address. They will send a password reset link to that address, which the hacker can then use to reset your password.

The Solution

The following tips will help you keep your online accounts safe from hackers and password sniffers.

  • Familiarize yourself with your browser, and know how to determine if you are logging into a secure or insecure website.
  • Use a different username and password combination when registering for secure and insecure websites.  That way if a hacker does get the password to your blog, at least it can’t be used to log into your bank accounts and other critical online services.

Got a tip related to website usernames and passwords?  Leave a comment and I’ll add them to the article!