Unattended Installation of LEGO NXT 2

The students in my school’s Electronics class do a segment about robotics, which they learn through the LEGO Mindstorm system.  The kits come with software called LEGO NXT 2 which allows them to design and program their robots from their laptop computers. Below I’ve provided the unattended installation script I’ve created, which will allow you to easily deploy the LEGO NXT 2 software without interaction.  I run the script from my Microsoft Deployment Toolkit without problems.

@REM ************************************************************************** @REM ** install.zip ** @REM ** ** @REM ** Installs LEGO NXT 2. ** @REM ** This script invokes the LEGO NXT 2 setup command in quiet mode ** @REM ** with the EULA accepted and reboots suppressed. It also runs from ** @REM ** with cmd /c which will prevent the command from exiting before it ** @REM ** it completes. ** @REM ************************************************************************** @ECHO OFF @REM CP holds the current path, from which the script was invoked. SET CP=%~DP0 ECHO Installing LEGO NXT 2... @REM Run setup.exe quiet, accept eula, and suppress reboot. cmd /c "%CP%setup.exe" /qb /acceptlicenses yes /r:n EXIT 0