Unattended Install of Shockwave Player

Though Adobe keeps the easily automated installers for their players hidden from our view, they do exist and they are available to download.  Over at PackageDeploy someone wrote a how-to on silently installing Adobe Shockwave Player using the executable available for download by Adobe’s Enterprise Software Distribution partners (I have yet to receive a response back about my eligibility for that service). Just follow PackageDeploy’s tutorial if that installation method works for you.

But what if you want to do an MSI deployment? I use ScriptLogic to automate software installations, which requires an MSI file, as do most software deployment utilities. Again, Adobe doesn’t make the existence known, but they do have an MSI installation of Shockwave Player, and you can download it here. After downloading the MSI file, you can install it silently using the following command:

sw_lic_full_installer.msi /qb