Fixing Out of Sync iPad and iPhone Videos for Import into Adobe Premiere

Today I tried to record some video using my iPad and import it into Adobe Premiere.  What I quickly discovered was that, almost without exception, the audio and video eventually got out of sync.  Towards the end of a two-minute segment I looked to be the star of a dubbed-over Shaw Brothers kung fu flick.

Some blame Apple. Some blame Adobe.  But the fact that the videos play just fine in every other player I’ve tried tells me that the problem lies in the way Premiere is handling the QuickTime file format.  Specifically, it’s choking on the variable frame rate.

Trying to solve the problem through Premiere is a real hassle, so nip the problem in the butt by converting your files to a constant frame rate using HandBrake before importing them into Adobe Premiere.  Watch the video above for the details.