Dell ControlPoint vs. Sleep and Standby Modes

Today I was tasked with preparing two new Dell Latitude E6500 laptops for deployment with two administrative employees.  Between software installs both laptops went into Sleep Mode.  One laptop would not return from sleep mode at all, or at least the display didn’t.  The other laptop returned from Sleep Mode, but the wireless network connection never came back.

The problemeturned out to be the Dell ControlPoint software which came installed on the laptops.  Though ControlPoint has one or two neat features, I decided to uninstall it from the machines anyway.  After all of the ControlPoint applications were removed both laptops returned from Sleep and Standby modes without any issues.

Hopefully this helps somebody! If anyone finds a specific setting within ControlPoint that can be changed to solve the problem please feel free to post it!

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  1. DellUser says:

    I have used the Dell ControlPoint software quite extensively and have never seen an issue with sleep or hibernate.

    Can you provide any details about your system (OS, wlan/wwan hw, etc) and network configuration/connection when you had the issue?

    I have a few Dell contacts and may be able to get them to look into it.

    Do you know which component of the software was causing the issue (Connection, Security, or System manager)?

    Do you know what version(s) of the software you were using? Dell currently has 1.2.1 posted, but I know they will be posting 1.3 in the next two weeks.

    Did you contact Dell support about your issue?

  2. Brian Reich says:

    Thanks for the comment! I’ve experienced this issue on several Dell Precision laptops including my own Precision M4400 as well as the two Precision E6500’s mentioned in my post. I don’t have the E6500’s in front of me right now but my Precision M4400 is running Vista Enterprise x64 with all of the most recent updates and service packs. The wireless adapter is the build in Dell 1397 WLAN Mini-card.

    I could have worked with Dell but–truth-be-told, uninstalling ControlPoint was a quicker and easier solution. When I get a laptop with software that wants to take responsibility for managing wireless networks, I often disable it anyway. I don’t know about ControlPoint but many wireless management clients seem to run as an application after one logs in rather than as a service, so your wireless connection isn’t available to authenticate to a domain to actually get logged-in. They often have the same issues with recovering from hibernation and sleep as well.

    After I read your comment I immediately went to Dell’s website and am downloading the most recent versions of all the ControlPoint components. I will post a follow-up article and give you credit if that solves the issues!

    Thanks again,


  3. Dave says:

    This is EXACTLY what I have found.

    I recently had to reformat my Dell E6500 (after a total meltdown), and I needed something to make my AT&T Broadband Wireless Card (5530 HSPA Mobile Broadband Minicard Network Adapter) connect. The only thing I could find was the Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager.

    As soon as I installed the DCP software, I started having serious hibernate and stand-by problems, just as you described.

    I did some searching on the net, and found that I could download the Dell Wireless Manager (it was called “Ericsson Wireless Manager” during installation…the file is named “DELL_WIRELESS-5530-HSPA-MINI_A00_R198215.exe”), and use that by itself to make the AT&T Broadband Card connect. It’s a super simple, super easy to use piece of software, and it even gives you good information about the connection to the WWAN. I did have to go into the BIOS and tell the Wireless Switch to stop controlling the WWAN card, but that was pretty easy.

    But I couldn’t get the Wireless Manager working (it wouldn’t recognize the Broadband card) until AFTER I uninstalled Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager completely from my computer (using Add/Remove Programs). And as soon as I did, my hibernate and stand-by problems went away completely.

    It was long way to get there, but it works great. And now I don’t have to deal with the DCP at all, and I have a very easy piece of software to manage my Broadband card.


  4. Bob Biggard says:

    Hey Brian thanks for the solution! My Dell Latitude XT would go to standby and I always had to go to the device manager & disable my wireless card (didn’t matter if it was a broadcom, intel 3945 etc..tried them all) then I enabled it & it worked…removed control point & voila! tested standby wireless worked OK. I got a little hesitant when removal said “computer could be rendered unusable” if security settings used..(I dont use)

    Thanks a bunch!!!


  5. Brian Reich says:

    Happy I could help. I have heard other folks say that issues with ControlPoint are resolved by downloading the latest versions of all it’s components from Dell’s website. In my opinion I just don’t see the point though; ControlPoint really doesn’t add much value to my PC over the features that Windows and it’s various power management features already offer.

  6. Bob Biggard says:

    I am normally good at keeping all my drivers bios etc up to date…but whatever it works not thanks to your tip…also I am using vista business and like I said it happened with 3 different pci-e cards so I figured it must be in either vista or some other software. I suppose the finger print reader etc is disabled..but it isnt like I use it anyway…

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