E-Commerce: when it works right, it’s amazing. But managing e-commerce systems and online stores can turn into a nightmare if you hire a developer that doesn’t get it right the first time around.  A poorly executed online store can make you miss out on sales. But it can also lead to lost time in order processing, refunding, and shipping that could otherwise be spent making your business’ amazing products and selling them to customers.

Reich Web Consulting gets e-commerce right the first time around using proven, simple solutions.

Our Amazing E-commerce Solutions

We’ve built lots of e-commerce solutions and worked with a number of e-commerce packages including WooCommerce, Magento, Sunshop, and VevoCart. Personally, we love WooCommerce. Here’s why:

  • It Builds on a Proven Platform. A WooCommerce shop built on top of a WordPress-powered website provides the perfect framework to customize your shop. WordPress is, as of 2024, the most popular content management system in use. Used properly, it’s the perfect solution to help a local small business reach a world-wide pool of customers.
  • Robust Payment Options. Payment with PayPal is built-in, and payment processing using all of your favorite methods including Authorize.net, BrainTree, ApplePay, and others are just a cheap add-on away.
  • A Variety of Shipping Calculators and Plugins. Shipping is a hassle, and it can be difficult to turn a business’ shipping policies into something that works automatically in an online store. Out of the box, WooCommerce has some pretty robust shipping options, including free shipping for orders over a certain amount.  Using some cheap plugins WooCommerce and interface with UPS, FedEx, and UPS to calculate exact shipping using the weight and dimensions of your products and the location of the customer. WooCommerce can also integrate with your automated shipping software such as ShipRush and others.
  • Product Configuration Options. Setting up products in WooCommerce is easy, and it provides a variety of options you’ll find useful.  In addition to configuring simple products, you can setup virtual products that customers can download after purchase. You can setup Variable products which have different costs for different product options (think t-shirt sizes). You can setup Grouped products to combine other products into batches that set at a competitive price. With an Add-on plugin you can easily configure product add-ons which add a set amount to the base price (like laser engraving a message, for example).
  • Up-sells & Cross-sells. WooCommerce makes configuring up-sells and cross-sells simple. Simple select the related products, and they’ll display in the appropriate locations.