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It’s not every day that you get the chance to collaborate with people doing something truly groundbreaking. Today was one of those days.

I’ve been working with Marc Laucks of Marc Laucks and Company to build successful web projects for a very long time. Recently Marc approached me with an emergency project for a medical research startup called X-Therma. X-Therma needed a better web presence to appeal to investors and it needed it fast. One-week turn-around fast.

X-Therma is solving a problem close to my heart, so to speak. That problem is organ preservation. X-Therma is researching and developing new ways to preserve human tissue with the goal of extending the time in which organs can be preserved and donated. Current methods can preserve organs for 6-12 hours before they begin to break down. An average of 22 people die every day because they don’t receive an organ donation that would save their life. X-Therma’s research would make time and geography less relevant to that equation, allowing organs from anywhere to be donated to those in need. As the son of an organ recipient, I find this pretty exciting!

To kick start a new round of investment, X-Therma desired a new web presence that would convey the importance and broad applications of their work. They provided us with a rough mock-up of what they wanted. With just a week to accomplish this task, we were able to deliver a beautiful website with high-resolution photography that works just as well on a 4K television as it does on a cell phone.

Thanks to Marc Laucks and Company for giving us the opportunity to collaborate on such a unique project and thanks to X-Therma for using their brilliance for the betterment of mankind!


X-Therma is a California-based biotechnology company whose goal is to solve the problem of preserving organic tissue. X-Therma’s technology aims to extend the viability of donated organs, making time and geography less of a factor in getting organs to individuals who need them to survive.

X-Therma’s Website:


With a little over a week to deliver: build, test, and deploy a new responsive website that will act as a validator for investors.  Site must function well on all devices from smartphones to 4K televisions.


  • Photoshop
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • Responsive Design