Choosing the best solution for the situation.

I was excited when my friend and former coworker Brandon Ulrich contacted me to setup a website for his new business. After all, makers are kind of my people. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that there are still folks with the skills and gumption to earn an honest living making physical things with their own brains and brawns.

But when you start a business, everyone has a finger in the pie. The state charges professional fees. The lawyers charge you for business formation services. Engineers charge you to ensure your facilities comply with building codes and regulations. When Brandon called me, I didn’t want to contribute to the problem. I wanted to be part of the solution and build him a functional website at a price a new business can bear.

That’s why I built Ulrich and Kosierowski Woodworking‘s website the old-fashioned way.

While their website is packed with modern features like a responsive design, a full-width, high-resolution “hero” header, galleries and light boxes, under the hood it’s all simple, valid HTML and CSS. No content management system, no ongoing maintenance, no ongoing costs aside from hosting, but built on standards that can be extended in the future.

We also gave special consideration to Ulrich and Kosierowski Woodworking local search visibility. The site features the new businesses’ NAP (name, address, and phone number) in Local Business format and we setup local business citations on Google My Business.

Ulrich and Kosierowski Woodworking

Ulrich and Kosierowski Woodworking is a custom kitchen and cabinetry company located in Woolrich, PA.

Ulrich and Kosierowski Woodworking Website:


Develop a simple, single-page website that will give a startup custom cabinetry business immediate local visibility. The website needs to be mobile friendly, maximize local search optimization, and be reasonably priced.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Local SEO