I had a few ideas about how my website should look. Brian listened to my ideas and provided me with different styles and looks which help to create product I am very proud of.

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The Caz Russell Redesign: a design that integrates with a national brand, but retains local identity

Not everyone that finds themselves in a leadership position is a born leader. Some are reluctant. Moses. George Washington. Rick Grimes. But leadership can be learned and fortunately, your mind need not be forged in the crucible of Egyptian slavery, political revolution or a zombie apocalypse to become an effective leader.

Caz Russell is an independent leadership speaker and training coach. What does that mean? Caz is the guy you call to hone leadership skills to a fine edge. His leadership expertise and proven curriculum will turn meddlesome middle managers into masterful motivators of men (and women!)

But about that proven curriculum. Caz is a John Maxwell Team Member. Caz operates independently but benefits from his training and experience with John Maxwell, a renowned leadership guru with a proven 40 year history in leadership training. While Caz is an independent speaker, his affiliation with John Maxwell is important to his business and provides instant recognition, trust and authority.

When I think leadership, I think power. Energy. Red. So did John Maxwell’s design team. In the end we gave Caz a site that is entirely his own but reflects the branding and style of the larger national brand with which he’s affiliated.

But you know what I really like about Caz? His individuality and, dare I say it, his canine-like loyalty.

Caz has a partner in crime. His labrador retriever Chilli tags along from time to time as a living, breathing example of positive leadership. Through the completion of the design, Chilli remained an integral part of the whole. Does Chilli make the site look more professional? Probably not. Will her likeness lead to more speaking engagements? Who knows. But a good leader shares the glory with those in his command. In the words of John Maxwell himself, “A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit.”

Caz Russell

Caz Russell is an independent John Maxwell Leadership speaker, teacher, trainer & coach. Caz hails from Milton Pennsylvania and provides leadership speaking, seminars and workshops.

Caz Russell Website: http://www.cazrussell.com/


Build Caz a modern website that works equally well on desktop, mobile, and all the things in between. Redesign the site putting emphasis on Caz’ affiliation with the national John Maxwell Team as well as on his dog Chilli who joins Caz on some speaking engagements for a live demonstration of leadership skills in action.


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