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Editing a Thank You Video for SUN Tech Instructors

Those who know me know that, even though I moved on from SUN Tech after a decade of serving as their IT Specialist (that’s computer lacky in laymen’s terms), I’m still a very strong supporter of technical education, a friend of SUN Tech and I’m thrilled for every chance I get to collaborate with the school.

This year SUN’s administration thought it would be nice to send their instructors home for the summer with a special message from the students. They discretely skulked around the school throughout the final quarter filming student’s thank you messages to their instructors and then passed the raw footage on to me about a week before graduation. When it comes to video I am, admittedly, a rank amateur. It’s a skill I’m interested in developing but not one I would currently offer a client in exchange for dollars. But I love the school, support what they do and so I donated the time to edit the video. I guess that’s my own personal “thank you” to my friends and former coworkers at SUN Tech for a decade of guiding me through everything from car trouble to remodeling advice.

SUN Area Technical Institute

SUN Area Technical Institute is a  career and technical education center located in New Berlin Pennsylvania. They provide world-class technical education to high school students and adults in the Susquehanna Valley.

SUN Tech Website: www.sun-tech.org


Combined about an 1 hour of video recorded on a cell phone into a brief, two-minute “thank you” message for from the SUN Tech class of 2016 to their instructions.


  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Video Editing