Brian at Reich Web Consulting took my sad, off-the-shelf WordPress author site and turned it into a custom masterpiece. He met with us to clarify not only the functionality of the site, but also the feel that we were going for. The quote and deadlines were clear from the beginning and the finished project was delivered on time. Thanks, Brian!

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She’s talented. She’s funny. She’s… whatever the word is that means, “I’m not a religious guy, but the fact that I caught my mom reading her novels makes me want to pray to something for forgiveness!” That’s Lucy Score.

Lucy Score: “Writing romance so steamy her family can’t look her in the eye!”

Lucy gave me simple guidelines: she likes simple, minimal design but her content would require a feminine angle. Playful but professional. After coming up with a color scheme using Adobe Kuler and developing a simple logo, I let the design flow from there.

Lucy’s sexy new site meets all those measurements and, like all sites from Reich Web Consulting, it’s very mobile friendly. Go ahead. Whip out that phone and check. I’m a patient man. I’ll wait.


Lucy also got a few special features:

  • A homepage slider that’s nowhere near as complex as her characters. Lucy can easily update her own slide images, captions and Calls to Action.
  • A custom content type for her books. In addition to all the basics, Lucy’s custom “book type” provides fields to specify the links to buy her books directly or share them on the Goodreads social network, as well as a second content editor just for “Bonus Content.”
  • Lucy uses a newsletter platform that doesn’t play well with others. But with a stern hand (that wrote some clever Gravity Forms plug-in code obviously), it learned obedience.

Lucy Score

Lucy Score: “Writing romance so steamy her family can’t look her in the eye!”

Lucy Score’s Website:


Create a professional-yet-playful, minimal but feminine design focused on book sales and newsletter signups.


  • Photoshop
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Custom Post Types
  • Gravity Forms Plugin Development