I am very pleased with and proud of the author website you create for judysharer.com. It looks very clean and professional and is easy to use are only a few of the comments I have received from people visiting my site. You consulted with me and developed the site to my specifications and completed the project in a timely manner. I will recommend Reich Web Consulting to other authors.

Reich Web Consulting Launches its Second Author Site

A short year after launching a brand new site for romance author Lucy Score, Reich Web Consulting earned its second wordsmith client: up-and-coming historical romance author Judy Sharer. We’re counting on George R. R. Martin to call us soon.  They say good things come in threes, right?

Judy Sharer just published her first historical romance: Settler’s Life. Her publisher has already signed her for a three-book deal, so we expect great things to come from Judy!

Like many of our site’s Judy’s is built on WordPress. As an author, she’s capable of writing her own content, and WordPress enables her to manage her blog and events without outside assistance. The site also fully-integrates with her mailing lists, powered by MailChimp. Building a powerful list is a great marketing strategy, especially for authors, and we’re thrilled to do what we can to help it grow!

Judy Sharer

Judy Sharer is a new sweet historical romance author who recently published her first book, Settler’s Life.

Inspire Yoga & Massage Studio Website: https://judysharer.com/


Create a new website before the release of Judy’s first book. Create an integrate an email marketing campaign with MailChimp.


  • Photoshop
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Responsive Design
  • UI/UX Testing
  • Email Marketing
  • MailChimp