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We Love WordPress Customization

Glenco Inc. owner John Glenny contacted us several months ago simply for a change of pace from their current digital marketing provider. He was also hoping Reich Web Consulting could execute a few items on his web wishlist that the previous provider didn’t deliver.

WordPress Theme and Plugins Replaced for Long-Term Stability

When we took over our priority was to redesign the site using a new mobile-friendly theme that’s highly reliable and regularly updated by the author. We don’t always recommend a complete redesign to new customers, but if their current site utilizes themes or plug-ins we don’t trust, we recommend updates that put the website on a stable footing before we do anything else.

Fully-Custom Modular Home Models Extension

Glenco Inc.’s top priority was to have a section of the site where prospective customers could browse the modular home designs they have available. They needed the plans to be searchable by type (residential or commercial), by style (two-story, cape cod, etc.), and by square footage.

Through a series of meetings and a whole bunch of whiteboard diagrams, the customer successfully communicated his vision and we built it as a WordPress plug-in.

Glenco Inc.’s website now features a models section with an easily navigated hierarchy based on their organizational needs. Customers first choose whether they’re interested in commercial or residential models. They can further filter the results by selecting the home style they’re interested in and a range of square footage.

One of the difficulties in this task was to balance a customer’s desire to see high-quality floor plans and renderings versus the client’s need to protect his intellectual property. We decided on providing medium sized images for their building models and implementing simple right-click protection to prevent image downloads by non-technical users.

Glenco Inc.

Glenco Inc. is a drafting and engineering firm located in Middleburg, Pennsylvania which specializes in modular home design. In addition to drafting services Glenco Inc. also provides engineering services (licensed in most states), modular building design and customization, CAD customization and training services, and administrative services like printing, copying, and shipping.

Glenco Inc. Website:


Rebuild website on modern, faster, more reliable, and more mobile-friendly theme.  Build platform customizations for Glenco Inc. for a user-friendly modular home model section that can be browsed by type, home style, and square footage.


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