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Schedule Meetings with Doodle and Save Time

I know, I know: Tim Ferris said it first. Use Doodle to schedule meetings. It’s out there now.  You can stop reading if you’re that busy or that lazy.

I don’t need to schedule meetings often and for that I consider myself very lucky. In my past careers meetings were never a tool to move the work or the company forward. I’m not a fan of meetings, but sometimes they’re necessary.

Yesterday I had to schedule a meeting for me, a freelance designer, and a local business owner I’m hoping to earn as a client.  I have a flexible schedule.  My designer works a regular nine-to-five so he’s limited to evenings and weekends.  The potential client runs a brick-and-mortar store and three e-commerce sites in addition to manufacturing much of her product so her time is precious too.

Why Scheduling Meeting Sucks

Getting two or more busy people to agree to a single place and time is like herding cats. Endless email exchanges waste your time and theirs. Normally the meeting organizer suggests a time and prays that the attendees can make it. Thus begins a seemingly endless cycle of,

“I can’t do Wednesday morning. I’ve got yoga. But I can do 3:00 on Tuesday!”

“ooh, I’ve got a thing then! Can we do Thursday?”

“My kid has a piano/soccer/jujitsu recital/game/death match then. How about next Monday?”

 and so on and so forth until all parties desperately need for this meeting to take place at a marijuana dispensary.

How Doodle Works

Doodle flips the script on scheduling. It flips the script straight into the trash can in fact, and then explains in a calm but convincing tone that if you don’t like it you and your whole bloodline can go suck eggs. (Not hyperbolic at all.)

Rather than suggesting a meeting time and waiting for attendees to tell you why it sucks, Doodle lets you suggest a bunch of possible meeting times and lets your guests choose the times that work for them.

Once all of your guests have responded you’re left with a condensed list of times that work for everyone.  Easy-peasy! You’ll love how easy it is to schedule a meeting. Your guests will love how you didn’t waste their time with endless email. And if you’re a meeting addict and can’t get away with the free tier, you’ll love the price.