I’m please to announce that Reich Consulting is now Reich Web Consulting!

Old Logo versus New Logo

It’s Three. Friggin. Letters. Changing the name of a business is a pain: documents need modified, links need updated, citations need changed, SEO needs to be considered and watched like a hawk. And even if you do all this right, like candle wax stuck in your carpet, it basically turns into a hot mess that one is stuck cleaning up well into the future. Why bother?

Here’s the short answer: Reich Consulting got it’s name because I needed something to slap on an IRS form in 2003 when I started freelancing. I was in college. I simply couldn’t be bothered caring about things that didn’t relate directly to girls, beer, or video games.

Fast forward to 2016. Owning and operating Reich Consulting is my full-time gig, and it’s a job I’m passionate about doing well. So why the name change?

  • “What’s a Reich Consulting?”

    Reich Consulting is neither compelling nor descriptive. It certainly doesn’t communicate what I do.

  • Updating our Message

    What I do has changed significantly since 2003. Reich Consulting offered general computer support services including web design, programming, desktop, and network tech support. But nobody can be an expert at all things technical, and that’s not our goal. Today our mission is more focused.

  • A Focus on the Web

    Reich Consulting did a little bit of everything for everybody.  Today Reich Web Consulting provides website design and online marketing services for small business customers in the central Susquehanna Valley and surrounding communities. We’re the anti-agency. Reich Web Consulting’s mission is to provide the expertise and service you expect from a big ad agency at a price that small and new businesses can afford.

My goal is to retains the recognition I’ve earned from 13 years of great customer relationships, but easily convey my area of expertise to potential customers in the future.