Posts about software updates describe the basics about updating software and why it’s a critical part of computer maintenance. It will also announce critical updates to Windows and other popular software.

Configuring Windows Automatic Updates

In a previous post I talked about the importance of keeping your software current by installing patches and updates. Microsoft, in an effort to make this process as painless as possible, has made updating an integrated part of their operating systems. This article will explain how to turn on automatic updating in Windows XP and Vista and discuss best practices about it’s configuration. Read more

The Basics, Part 2: What are Software Updates

Computers are just like any other complicated mechanical or electronic device: they require periodic maintenance. A car, for example, should have its oil changed every three months or three thousand miles to keep the engine running smooth and healthy. But unlike a car which does one job and does it well, your computer can learn new tricks by running new software. Not only does your computer require physical maintenance, but every software package you install requires a little “virtual maintenance” of its own.

Most users will buy a computer, load it with their favorite software and forget about it. Things might be just fine for a while, but eventually your once speedy machine will start to drag, you’ll experience lag and crashes that prevent you from getting your work done, and viruses, spyware, and other digital nastiness might even creep into your system. You’ll eventually have to pay a technician to fix the problem, or will treat your computer as a disposable commodity and simply buy a new one. One of the critical tricks that computer technicians have up their sleeve are software updates, and when I tell you how easy they are, you’ll kick yourself for wasting your money. Read more