Reich Web Consulting Video Tutorials

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll soon stop writing altogether! I’m trying something new for the Reich Web Consulting blog: along with the articles, tutorials and tips that I normally write I’m going to try my hand at creative video tutorials.  Armed with Powerpoint, a trial Camtasia Studio, and Virtual PC, I’m going to create video walk-throughs to visually guide my readers through my tutorials.  I’ve already released one about Finding Your Network Settings in Windows XP.  My tutorials will be available on YouTube. If you have any criticisms please post them so I know where to make improvements the next time around.

Welcome to User Proof

Welcome to the first installment of User Proof, the blog that aims to bridge the knowledge gap between computer users and computer experts. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Brian and I’m an information technology specialist at a school district in central Pennsylvania. I’ve also been a private consultant for five years, and have been interested and involved with computers since 1995. I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Bloomsburg University, and will be working towards my masters in the upcoming year.

During my experience working side-by-side with users of all degrees of experience, a theme became apparent: technical answers do more harm than good when given to nontechnical people. In most cases an individual’s failure to understand computers is caused by language barriers, not personal ability.

User Proof is my attempt to bridge the gap that exists between computer specialists like me and the users we support. When a computer specialist answers a client’s question, their answers are often met with blank stares and discouragement. We, the technophiles of the world, are often so entrenched in the language of our trade that we simply cannot communicate effectively with others outside of our industry. User Proof is here to change that.

Starting today, User Proof will strive to deliver computer support advice and information in a way that is accessible to the average user. Please check back often for updates!