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A Reponse to "Web Programming is Hard!"

A response to another developers blog which discusses the fact that WEB DEVELOPMENT IS HARD, or at least very different from desktop development.

Overcoming Scope Limitations in jQuery AJAX Callbacks

This tutorial explains how to overcome the scoping limitations of jQuery's AJAX callbacks using closures.

The JavaScript Dollar Sign ($) – What’s It For?

Web developers: every wonder what the heck the "$" dollar sign means in JavaScript and jQuery? Follow this link to learn all about it.

Moving Posts Between Categories in WordPress

Using a whole lot of WordPress and a little bit of SQL, I'll teach you how to move all of the posts in one category to another.

Resetting Your WordPress Password

Ever lose the password to a WordPress blog? This post will teach you how to reset a lost or forgotten WordPress password using simple SQL.

Creating a Child Theme in Wordpress

WordPress publishers: safe yourself time and frustration by creating a child theme today! Child themes allow you to customize a WordPress theme and still retain those changes after you install an update to the theme.

Kill It With Fire! How Facebook is Assimilating and Destroying the Internet

It began as a trickle.  An email from Windows Live on behalf…

Should Schools Have a Facebook Page?

As the developer responsible for my employer's website (a technical…

6 Reasons I Chose A2Hosting

This post describes six actual experiences that I've had with A2Hosting and other hosting companies which has made me a loyal customer of their Reseller hosting packages.