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Adding Drivers to a BDD LiteTouch Image

Since Vista's release Microsoft has provided a variety of tools for deploying their operating systems. One such tool is Business Deployment Desktop which Microsoft describes as " the best-practice set of comprehensive guidance and tools from Microsoft to optimally deploy Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system." Though BDD certainly makes OS and application deployment to a variety of hardware platforms simpler than ghosting, eventually you'll run into a problem: some critical hardware may not be natively supported by WinPE, the preinstallation environment used to load the OS onto a new system. This article will explain how to inject LAN drivers into WinPE, allowing you to deploy installations to a larger variety of hardware.

Installing CCC Pathways Estimating Software

CCC Pathways is an estimating application for auto repair and and appraisal businesses and is commonly installed as a client/sever package. I work for a technical school and have installed and supported Pathways for several years. This post documents the process of installing CCC Pathways and provides solutions to common problems.

Back Up Important Floppy Disks

Much to the displeasure of everyone the IT industry, some software…

Configuring Windows Automatic Updates

In a previous post I talked about the importance of keeping your software current by installing patches and updates. Microsoft, in an effort to make this process as painless as possible, has made updating an integrated part of their operating systems. This article will explain how to turn on automatic updating in Windows XP and Vista and discuss best practices about it's configuration.

The Basics, Part 2: What are Software Updates

Most users will buy a computer, load it with their favorite software and forget about it. Things might be just fine for a while, but eventually your once speedy machine will start to drag, you'll experience lag and crashes that prevent you from getting your work done, and viruses, spyware, and other digital nastiness might even creep into your system. You'll eventually have to pay a technician to fix the problem, or will treat your computer as a disposable commodity and simply buy a new one. One of the critical tricks that computer technicians have up their sleeve are software updates, and when I tell you how easy they are, you'll kick yourself for wasting your money.

The Basics, Part 1: What’s a web browser?

Though the web browser is probably the single most frequently used software application on any individual’s computer, few people know how to describe it. This article will explain what a web browser is, what it does, and how to choose the best one to fit your needs.

Welcome to User Proof

Welcome to the first installment of User Proof, the blog that…