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An Open Letter to Content Marketers and Link Builders

Dear Content Marketers and Link Builders, Do you send emails to authors and publishers that frame a backlink request as if you’re doing them a favor? I’m on to you. And hopefully, other web publishers are too. I know it’s becoming rare, but I research before I write about a topic. If a link helped […]

What is a Soft 404?

A Soft 404 is an error that describes a web request that returns a successful response code (200), but the response does not contain the expected content. Regular 404 File Not Found Errors 404 is the HTTP (the communications protocol of the web) error code that means File Not Found. Error 404 is so well-known that it’s […]

5 Steps to Leave Facebook the Right Way

I hate Facebook. No, that’s a lie. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, and both emotions have the power to keep me unintentionally captivated by the nonsense going on in my feed. One thing I know for sure is that I have to leave Facebook. A friend mentioned a few weeks ago that she […]

Add a Google Reviews Widget to WordPress Without a Plugin

This article will teach you how to leverage the Google Places API to add a Google reviews widget to your WordPress website. Why Customer Reviews Matter It doesn’t matter if you’re an online-only or a traditional brick-and-mortar business: customer reviews matter. Reviews are an important ranking signal for local search optimization (increasing the visibility of your […]