Google SEO Starter Guide 2017

SEO Starter Guide 2017

Are you a small business owner trying to improve your search engine optimization without hiring an SEO?

Most of Reich Web Consulting’s clients are! We focus on small local businesses. So we work with many clients who save money by being very hands-on. Even though we’re happy to handle your SEO strategy, we get it. I like to split firewood and bake bagels myself. (Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m doing either one efficiently.)

If you’re not a web expert then jumping into Search Engine Optimization is often overwhelming.  What you need is a guide.  One might even say a Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. 

The Google 2017 SEO Starter Guide

SEO is tough. Search Optimization is not a button you can push or a person you can throw money at once and declare “Hoorah! My business has the SEO now!” It’s an ongoing, dynamic strategy to hit a moving target.

(And some of the most critical parts of web marketing, like social outreach, link building, and SEM don’t even take place on your website.)

The components of Search Engine Optimization that you can directly control by optimizing your website are known as Technical SEO and On-Page SEO. Technical SEO involves taking steps to make sure that search engines can find, understand, and index your content. On-Page SEO is about altering your website design and site content to optimize for relevant keywords and phrases and providing a good user experience that keeps users engaged after they land on your site.

Google recently updated its SEO Starter Guide for 2017. Google’s SEO Starter Guide will help you get the basics of Technical and On-Page SEO right. It will guide you towards relevant Google tools like Google Search Console that will help you on that journey. Just keep in mind that this guide helps you optimize for Google using Google’s tools. It is not a complete guide to SEO and there is every chance that the information within it is intentionally incomplete or self-serving because, hey… it’s Google.

If you just want experts to help solve your business’s online marketing challenges, give us a call. But if you’re feeling adventurous, Google’s Guide is a great place to start.

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